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Replacing Multiple Teeth With Implants

As we age, teeth become prone to deterioration. Even with good dental care, a person may experience chipping, cracking, wearing down and eventual tooth loss. Physical injury can be the cause of multiple tooth loss, but more often such comes from gum disease. To maintain overall good health it is important to have these teeth replaced. Implants are the preferred solution and will give you the feel and function of normal teeth.

Implants Versus Traditional Bridge or Partial Dentures

The old fashioned methods of using a tooth supported bridge to replace multiple teeth has many disadvantages when compared to implants.

A traditional bridge will require adjacent teeth to be ground down and capped so that they can support the bridge. Often those teeth fall and create even more problems. Implants do not use adjacent teeth for their secure placement. They are placed directly into the jaw bone. So there is no grinding down of the healthy teeth.

A bridge often must be replaced in 5-7 years, but implants can last a lifetime. Multiple replacement teeth be fixed to two implants creating an “implant-supported” bridge that will last indefinitely. No healthy teeth are compromised

Many people think they must tolerate the wires and limited function of partial dentures. This limits their enjoyment of eating, smiling and laughing in public. But now, implants are the amazing solution that offer great benefits of comfort without wires; and stability and security without slipping or clicking. This all adds up to more confidence and a better quality of life.

A bridge or partial denture does not address bone loss. Bone in the area of a bridge will continue to deteriorate. On the other hand, an implant stimulates bone growth and health.

thumb_partialWhy choose Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons for your Implant Specialist?

Specialized Training

It is important to realize that implant procedures are surgery. The critical details of muscle, bone and nerves have a tremendous effect on the outcome of implant surgery. When you choose Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons, you can be assured of our extensive training not only in dental school, but as an MD and a surgeon.


Advances in implant technology provide more choices than ever before.Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons are experts in several implant systems. Our breath of knowledge gives you the benefits of receiving a particular implant that is best suited to your individual needs. Did you realize that not all implants are the same? Varying shapes, materials and designs of different implant systems will be chosen expressly for your treatment.

Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons uses state of the art cone beam scanning which creates a three-dimensional digital image of your facial structure. This exciting technology allows Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons to precisely plan your implant placement. Critical details are not left to chance, and you receive the most advanced, precise and comfortable treatment possible.


Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons is acutely aware of esthetics. His work is not only to place the implant so that you can have a beautiful crown or multiple crowns, but also to ensure that you will enjoy healthy gum tissue surrounding the implant.

Teeth As Individual As You

After the implant is placed, and healed, a restorative professional will place a ceramic crown, bridge or fixed denture, dictated by your individual needs. You may already have your own dentist, or we will assist you in choosing such a professional.

Make it happen with our Financing Options!

Implants are a cost-effective treatment when you consider the long range benefits of having secure, functional, attractive teeth and a WINNING smile. Your youthful smile and ability to eat and speak well can be preserved through the age of a hundred!

We do not try to entice you with free gimmicks and then “add on” and the end of your treatment. We treat you fairly and honestly, and you always know what to expect.

We have financing options for you to consider such as Care Credit with a year of no interest or we can link you to credit unions if you would prefer a long-term solution.

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