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If you are tired of dealing with the on-going problem of dentures, take a look at your beautiful new option–dental implants with permanent dentures that feel and look like natural, beautiful teeth.

Attractive, natural-looking teeth help us look and feel our best. They let us enjoy the foods we love. They allow us to be naturally confident where it really counts–at home, on the job, on the playing field, but especially on the inside. Come visit our Salt Lake City/Murray office to see how we can help you.


Compare Dentures to Permanent Dentures on Dental Implants


  • Slip. Move. Even fall out! Messy adhesives and creams.
  • Uncomfortable, sometimes painful.
  • Restricts what you can eat. You only have a small percentage of your natural chewing ability. Slipping and clicking.
  • Many denture wearers worry all the while they are eating, or talking. Fun things like singing or other simple activities lose their enjoyment because of the concern of dentures slipping or falling out.
  • If you wear dentures, the roof of your mouth is covered with plastic. This effects not only your comfort but also how you taste and enjoy food.
  • After a period of time, a denture wearer often appears older than actual age because of bone loss in the jaw.

Permanent Dentures on Dental Implants

  • Fixed in place. They don’t move!
  • Feel like natural teeth!
  • You have 95% of your natural chewing ability. Enjoy food again!
  • Your confidence is restored! No more worries about dentures! Eat, talk, laugh, smile, LIVE!! You can do all you would normally do with natural teeth and a beautiful smile!
  • You have the comfort of permanent teeth and the ability to enjoy whatever you choose to eat.
  • Dental implants tackle the problem of bone loss. Because the implants are fixed into the jaw, your normal chewing stimulates bone growth.


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Would you enjoy meeting with Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons for a complementary consultation? Please call our friendly office and we will schedule you an appointment. Don’t wait for more troubles, more bone atrophy or more pain! Begin today to create a more comfortable, beautiful and enjoyable life!


Why choose Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons for your Implant Specialist?


Specialized Training

It is important to realize that implant procedures are surgery. The critical details of muscle, bone and nerves have a tremendous effect on the outcome of implant surgery. When you choose Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons, you can be assured of our extensive training not only in dental school, but as an MD and a surgeon.



Advances in implant technology provide more choices than ever before. Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons is expert in several implant systems. Our breath of knowledge gives you the benefits of receiving a particular implant that is best suited to your individual needs. Did you realize that not all implants are the same? Varying shapes, materials and designs of different implant systems will be chosen expressly for your treatment.

Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons uses state of the art cone beam scanning which creates a three-dimensional digital image of your facial structure. This exciting technology allows Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons to precisely plan your implant placement. Critical details are not left to chance, and you receive the most advanced, precise and comfortable treatment possible.

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