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Facelifts are a great solution to any facial defects. The formation of loose, wrinkled skin, the development of forehead lines and crow’s feet at the corner of the eye, the softening of the jaw line to form jowls, and the appearance of a double chin or vertical neck folds are all part of the aging process of the face. Sun exposure, gravity, smoking, and the loss of elastic fibers in the skin contribute to these problems.

During your pre-surgical consultation, Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons will ask you questions regarding your vision, tear production, and use of contact lenses. Your age, skin type, ethnicity and degree of vision obstruction will also be discussed, although impaired vision is not a pre-requisite for having this procedure performed.

A facelift is performed in our surgical suite under general anesthesia. Incisions are made in the hairline at the temple area, and continued around the ear lobe, well camouflaged within the ear crease. Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons then repositions your skin, muscle and other tissues. Excess skin will be trimmed and fat may be removed. The incisions are then closed. You will see immediate results.


Using SmartLift Laser

Smartlifting is a new technique in facial rejuvenation and is a more gentle approach to the facelift procedure. Smartlifting is performed with a face lift or in a less extensive lift such as a mid-face lift. Cynosure’s SmartLipo laser allows the surgeon to smoothly separate the layer between the skin and facial muscles without extensive cutting. The laser helps to seal off blood vessels before the lifting portions of the facelift operation begin resulting in less bruising. The laser precisely delivers thousands of tiny laser pulses into the layer separating the skin from the deeper tissues of the face. Each pulse heats the tissue which allows a separation to occur between the two layers. These zones of heating coagulate the tissue and stimulate collagen production to tighten tissue. Sutures are then used to elevate the jowls through a small incision.

Facelift results can be long lasting and beneficial for several years.

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