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Ear surgery or Otoplasty

Protruding ears can be the cause of heartbreak and concern for many individuals. It may be the very root of a low self esteem. Subsequently, adults and children benefit from the aesthetic as well as phsycho-social effects of large protruding ears.

Young children make great candidates for Otoplasty surgery, for two reasons. First, their cartilage is highly moldable which allows for optimum shaping. Second, they will be able to avoid the teasing that is often the result of protruding ears. However, adults can also benefit from this procedure.

Otoplasty surgery is performed in our surgical suite under general anesthesia. An incision is made in the natural fold behind the ear, where the ear attaches to the head. The cartilage is then molded either by removal or just reshaping to achieve the desired effect. Permanent sutures are then placed to hold the cartilage back in the desired position.

Post-surgically, there may be some discomfort. Soft dressings will be applied over the ears and will remain in place for several days. Sleeping on your side will be prohibited for a week or so following surgery which may make sleep difficult for some individuals.

An Otoplasty can be life altering for children and adults who suffer from large, malformed, and/or protruding ears.



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