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Can you really have all new teeth in just one day?

With the All-on-Four procedure you can enjoy the benefits of natural-like teeth anchored securely to your jaw bone in just one day! Before the day of surgery, you will have a consultation with Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons and also an appointment with your general dentist or prosthodontist in order to have x-rays, impressions and pictures taken. We will work closely with your dentist or other restorative clinician. On the day of surgery, you come to our operating suite, where the oral surgeon Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons, your chosen dentist or prosthodontist, the lab who has created your new teeth and several more professionals will be focused on your surgery. The complete procedure will take approximately 5 hours.

On the day of surgery, you will arrive at our office and have the entire procedure done here in one appointment in our surgical suite. A team of professionals work together here during your full procedure. You will have beautiful teeth fixed to implants! No more embarrassing situations caused by missing teeth, bridges or dentures. What a relief to leave our office with a beautiful smile!

Following your surgery, you will have just a few more post op visits to prepare for your final bridge. After your healing period of about 6 months you will receive your permanent teeth. Now you can enjoy about 90% of natural chewing ability!

What is the "All-On-Four" Procedure?

In the early 1990’s a new protocol for complete oral rehabilitation enabled oral surgeons to provide solutions for patients without any teeth, severe tooth loss or terminal dentition. Four implants are placed into the jaw. The permanent bridge is then fixed to the four implants, thus called “All-On-Four”. This is a solution that actually gives incredible, life-changing results.

What is the difference between Typical Dentures and "All-On-Four"?


  •  • Slip. Move. Even fall out! Messy adhesives and creams.
  •  • Uncomfortable, sometimes painful.
  •  • Restricts what you can eat. You only have a small percentage of your natural chewing ability. Slipping and clicking.
  •  • Many denture wearers worry all the while they are eating, or talking. Fun things like singing or other simple activities lose their enjoyment because of the concern of dentures slipping or falling out.
  •  • If you wear dentures, the roof of your mouth is covered with plastic. This effects not only your comfort but also how you taste and enjoy food.

All On Four

  •  • Fixed in place. They don’t move!
  •  • Feel like natural teeth!
  •  • You have 90% of your natural chewing ability. Enjoy food again!
  •  • Your confidence is restored! No more worries about dentures! Eat, talk, laugh, smile, LIVE!! You can do all you would normally do with natural teeth and a beautiful smile!
  •  • You have the comfort of permanent teeth and the ability to enjoy whatever you choose to eat.
  •  • Dental implants tackle the problem of bone loss. Because the implants are fixed into the jaw, your normal chewing stimulates bone growth.

What happens in the procedure?

  •  • All or remaining teeth are extracted.
  •  • Alveoplasty is performed. the bone is reduced to the millimeter needed. This assures that there will be the proper height for the permanent bridge so that your smile line will be perfect. Without this very important surgical procedure you could end up with an undesirable line showing in the area where the natural gums meet the artificial ones. This can look unnatural and strange.
  •  • Using modern technology of cone beam xray, two verticle and two angled implants are placed.
  •  • The restorative clinician and the lab work together to fit your new teeth into position. Once you are happy with the feel of your new teeth, and your bite is adjusted, you return home to fully recover. You will even be able to eat dinner.

Will I have pain or other discomforts?

  •  • This procedure requires minimal recovery time.
  •  • Most patients experience only minor pain and may even go to work the next day.
  •  • You may experience some minor pain for which you will be prescribed medication to make you comfortable.
  •  • Some swelling and/or bruising may occur. This is relieved through icing and heat packs.
  •  • We are just a phone call away to answer any questions or hear any concerns.

How can I know if I am a candidate for this procedure?

Would you enjoy meeting with Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons for a complimentary consultation? Please call our friendly office and we will schedule you an appointment. Don’t wait for more troubles, more bone atrophy or more pain! Begin today to create a more comfortable beautiful and enjoyable life!

All lower teeth

All upper teeth

Questions You Might Think About

  • How do your dentures fit?
  • Does your bite feel comfortable?
  • Are you confident with your smile?
  • Have you noticed changes in the appearance of your face?
  • Are you happy with the appearance of your teeth?
  • Are you concerned with signs of aging in the appearance of your face?
  • Can you speak and eat comfortably without pain or looseness of the denture?
  • Do you use denture adhesives?
  • What food limitation have you experienced because of chewing challenges?
  • Do you have any special requirements for food preparation?
  • Can you eat what you would like to eat? Why not?

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