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Bone Grafting


What is Bone Grafting?

Over time, missing teeth, gum disease or injuries, may cause the jaw bone to atrophy or be resorbed. This often results in poor quality and quantity of bone for dental implants. Bone grafting supplements your existing bone with replacement bone.

Do you need a bone graft?

Relax. Bone grafting is a common procedure of our practice. You can feel confident and relieved because Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons has the advanced training and experience to perform this surgery while you are comfortably and safely sedated.

Today, Dr Stosich makes it possible for his patients who previously did not have sufficient bone, to now have the opportunity of receiving implants of proper length and width. Bone grafting also gives us a chance to restore functionality and appearance. Dr. Stosich will review all available options with you.

What About Sinus Bone Grafts?

Dr Stosich also expertly performs sinus bone grafts to replace bone in the posterior upper jaw. He is able to utilize special membranes that dissolve under the gum and protect the bone graft and encourage bone regeneration. This is called guided bone regeneration or guided tissue regeneration.

Where Does the Bone Come From?

The bone is either obtained from a tissue bank or your own healthy bone. In many cases Dr Stosich will use allograft material to implement bone grafting. This bone is prepared from cadavers and used to promote the patients own bone to grow into the repair site. It is quite effective and very safe.

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