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Impacted Canine

Impacted canines are a very common oral health problem. Receiving prompt treatment makes future complication minimal.


What is an Impacted Canine?

Impacted means that the tooth in stuck and unable to erupt into the right position. This can inhibit function and may lead to other oral health complications. Several factors influence the eruption:

  • Other teeth interfering
  • Crowding or lack of space
  • Unusual mouth growths
  • The jawbone inhibiting eruption


What is the Treatment of Impacted Canines?

Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons will work closely with your orthodontist to determine the appropriate method of treatment. Sometimes braces will be applied or baby teeth will be extracted make room for proper eruption of the canines.

If the canine cannot erupt even when there is enough room, Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons has the experience and knowledge to perform the surgery needed to facilitate eruption. While the patient is comfortably sedated,Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons exposes the tooth and the canine is bracketed.

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