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Sleep Apnea


  • Are you one of 18 million Americans with sleep apnea?
  • Have you had a sleep study performed?
  • Tired of the hassle of your CPAP machine and/or your oral appliance?
  • Do you only use your CPAP part of the time?
  • Do you want a more comprehensive solution for your sleep apnea?
  • Have you had surgery for the soft tissue in the throat and still have sleep apnea?


If you have had a Sleep Study preformed and have not found your Oral Appliance or CPAP Machine to be a solution, we invite you to come to our office for a consultation!

Risks of Sleep Apnea

From waking up many times an hour without even being aware of it, and suffering from lack of quality sleep, your daily life may be effected:


Problems are apparent even when a person is awake. Because there is less blood flow to the brain, your behavior and thinking can be effected.


Data confirms that people with sleep apnea are at a very high risk of serious, life-threatening car accidents. One study showed evidence that sleep apnea patients were five times more likely to have a serious car crash such as a head-on crash or those that cause injury.


Because of sleep apnea, the body’s cardiovascular system is strained, so it’s no surprise to find a link between sleep apnea and hypertension. Approximately 40% of people with untreated sleep apnea also will have high blood pressure. Also, 30% of hypertension patients have sleep apnea.


A landmark study supported by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health shows that sleep apnea is associated with increased stroke risk in middle-aged and older adults. Looking at the big picture, sleep apnea more than doubles the risk of stroke in men. The study also shows a link between sleep apnea and the risk of stroke in women. Furthermore it is important for people who have already had a stroke to be screened for sleep apnea because the apnea tends to increase the chances of a second stroke and worsen rehabilitation.


Sleep apnea may increase the risk of coronary heart disease because of the changes in blood pressure during sleep apnea. This condition along with the lower levels of oxygen in your blood could make your blood vessels more susceptible to damage.


Sleep apnea causes severe stress during sleep. This stress makes the heart beat faster and harder to maintain the proper blood flow in the body. The low blood –oxygen levels that happen because of sleep apnea create difficulties for the heart. This can be very dangerous for someone already suffering from congestive heart failure since the heart muscle is already compromised in its work.


Often obesity contributes to sleep apnea, but also the apnea can contribute to obesity. Losing weight does not always contribute to an improvement in sleep apnea.


Studies give evidence that man and women who stopped breathing or snorted at least five nights per week were three times more likely to experience symptoms of major depression. It is possible that this is a result from diminished oxygen to the brain and experiencing disturbed sleep from the apnea.


Sleep apnea can cause erectile dysfunction. Approximately 80% of men with sleep apnea experience occasional to frequent symptoms of ED. These symptoms can be caused partly from lack of sleep and decreased amounts of REM, and also the probability of obesity. In one study showed some evidence that sleep apnea may cause the body to have difficulty in making nitric oxide that helps with blood flow for erection.



Problems with common treatments for Sleep Apnea

  • Although CPAP machines and oral appliances are good solutions for some, others don’t see them to be a good, long term strategy.
  • CPAP machines and oral appliances have benefits, but they may not be permanent solutions because the dangers of sleep apnea are immediately present when they are not in use.
  • Some people have undergone surgery (UPPP) for the uvula, soft palate, tonsils, adenoids and pharynx, yet are still without relief from sleep apnea.


Treatment options at Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons

When oral appliances and/or CPAP machines, and other surgeries have not provided a good solution for whatever reason, AJ Stosich, DDS, MD can help.

He offers a surgical option to widen breathing passages. This procedure opens the airway, allowing people to breathe during sleep without the aid of CPAP or oral devices.

  • Through repositioning the jaw, the airway is opened, restoring quality sleep.
  • It is a permanent, surgical solution.


About the procedure

  • First a CT scan is given which allows the doctor to clearly see muscle, bone, and nerve structures.
  • Medical modeling takes things one step further. The surgery is literally performed on a computer to show what the result will be before the actual procedure takes place.
  • We have the highest quality products and stringent protocols. No corners are cut to save costs.
  • The staff at Utah Center for Utah Oral & Facial Surgeons is among the most qualified in the state. AJ Stosich, DDS, MD stays up to date on the latest technology/techniques to ensure the very best possible outcomes for every patient.


Questions & Answers

What Is Recovery Time?

Most patients should plan on a short period of down time consisting of at least 1 week, and six weeks without strenuous physical activity. However, mild activity can be resumed two to three weeks after surgery. Healing is unique for each individual.

Is This Surgery performed in a Hospital?

This procedure can be performed in AJ Stosich, DDS, MD’s state of the art surgical suite or in an operating room of the hospital. It may include an overnight stay.

How Do I Prepare for This Surgery?

The process begins after you have received a sleep study. We ask you to bring your sleep study to your consultation.

Is this Surgery a Benefit of My Insurance?

Many insurance plans cover this surgery. After a consultation with AJ Stosich, DDS, MD, our office staff will check with your insurance company to determine your insurance benefit. We take pride in knowing we can help you get coverage for your procedure, and we work tirelessly with insurance carriers for you.

What Are My Options if I Do Not Have Insurance Coverage for this Surgery?

Significant costs that are normally acquired during a hospital stay can be eliminated by having the surgery performed in Dr. Stosich’s operating suite. The actual cost of surgery is often similar, or slightly more than what you would pay for the treatment of braces. We can also supply you with several options for financing if needed.


I have been very happy with the results of my Apr’12 double-jaw surgery and I highly recommend AJ Stosich, DDS, MD. In addition to being a skilled surgeon, he is also very friendly and personable. This was especially valuable leading up to my surgery as I always felt comfortable sharing questions or concerns, and AJ Stosich, DDS, MD addressed all of them in a thorough and respectful manner. As a result, I had peace of mind going into the procedure and I knew that I was in good hands. The office staff is also friendly and helpful and I have had a great experience handling insurance matters with them and in all my pre-op/post-op visits.

Best Regards,
Ken Checketts
Double Jaw Surgery

I have been to a lot of doctors over my life time and I honestly was impressed by his genuine concern for the welfare of his patients (aka me).

I am a BIG fan of AJ Stosich, DDS, MD! I was so nervous about having surgery and AJ Stosich, DDS, MD took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. On the appointment before my surgery his office was extra busy and I could feel the craziness and rush of the day. Yet, when it was my turn to be seen, AJ Stosich, DDS, MD closed the door to my room to shut off the sounds from outside and totally focused on me. He addressed all of my questions, then, when I couldn't think of anymore questions he quietly sat still waiting for me to make sure I absolutely didn't have anymore questions. He still didn't leave! He then took the time to address some questions that I hadn't thought of and he explained the complete procedure and healing process in terms that I could understand. I left the office that day assured that I was in good hands. I was so impressed by his genuine concern for his patients. AND I look FANTASTIC! Thank you AJ Stosich, DDS, MD!

Kandi Manley
Lower Jaw Surgery

AJ Stosich, DDS, MD and Staff,

Please accept my letter of appreciation for your skill and care concerning my recent Le Fort I procedure. I have struggled with a restricted airway for nearly 20 years and thought that I was destined to live my remaining days with the debilitating apnea and severe hypoxia. This procedure has already had a positive impact on my health. I can breathe freely and have not had any incidents of apnea since the procedure.

Considering how extreme the surgery was, surprisingly the postoperative pain was not as intense as I expected and Dr. AJ Stosich, DDS, MD took great care to make sure that my pain management regiment was adequate. I had the traditional swelling which is gone now and while aesthetically I do look a bit different I think I look fine, in fact probably a little more proportion. I still have some numbness around my lower lip and chin but everything else is relatively back-to-normal.

I recommend AJ Stosich, DDS, MD and his clinic to anyone considering this procedure. I especially wish to express my thanks to LaRee Pearson, practice manager for her assistance in getting my insurance company to approve the procedure. It took some doing and she was a great help. Thank you AJ Stosich, DDS, MD for greatly improving my quality of life!

Jeffrey Howlett

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